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Алгоритм Бржозовского

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[http://wwwan automation is deterministic if and only if the left languages of its states are pairwise disjoint if A recognizes the language L then r(A) recognizes the language r(L) if the left (resp.researchgateright) language of the state q in A is L_g(q)(resp.net/publication/255626373_Split_and_join_for_minimizing__Brzozowski%27s_algorithm]L_d(q)), then its left (resp. right) language in r(A) is L_d(q) (resp. L_g(q)) The right languages if a state q` if d(A) is equal to the union of the right languages of the states q of A belonging to the subset q` A (deterministic, complete, accessible) automation is minimal if and only if the right languages of its states are all different
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