• What should I know?

    The basic understanding of concurrent computing would be enough.

  • Is there any admission exam?

    No, there is no admission exam.

  • Cool. I want to apply, but how much does it cost?

    For students a fee is approximately 100€, for researchers is approximately 150€, and for professionals is approximately 200€.

    This fee covers coffee-breaks, lunches and outdoor activities.

  • What includes an admission fee? We provide 10 coffee breaks, 5 lunches, one dinner and one social program.
  • Hmm.. This is quite costly. I do not have enough money.

    We have some number of free-of-charge places, but their number is limited. For that you have to explain in the application form, why you need this small grant and how much you could pay.

  • Do you provide accomodation?

    Unfortunately, no. We suggest several hotels/hostels nearby. The list is provided in accomodation section.

    Also, we are willing to help the applicants with finding affordable accommodation in the neighbourhood of the ITMO University. Also, we would like to help find roommates for hostel room.

  • The dates are not good for me. Are materials and videos going to be published?

    Slides will be published under any circumstances. Also, we will do our best to upload videos.

  • I need a visa to visit Saint-Petersburg. What should I do?

    Please let us know if you need a Russian visa by e-mail to sptcc@corp.ifmo.ru. You will need an official invitation from the school organizers that you will have to present at the Russian consulate in your country of residence. Beware that arranging a visa takes time (around two weeks, depending on the consulate), so please do not leave it to the last moment.

  • Ok, I'm in. Where should I subscribe and pay?

    At first, you have to subscribe through a google form on application page. Later, when we setup the payment system, we will send you an e-mail and you can pay through your bank account.

  • I have other question!

    Send it to sptcc@corp.ifmo.ru.