The workshop takes place on Tuesday, 4 July.

Accepted talks

Id Talks Abstracts Slides Video
1 A. Khyzha, H. Attiya, A. Gotsman, N. Rinetszky, Safe Privatization Support in Software Transactional Memory Video
2 A. Paznikov, A.Anenkov, Optimization of Scalable Concurrent Pool Based on Diffraction Trees Abstract Slides Video
3 A.Paznikov, Algorithms for Optimization of Remote Core Locking Synchronization
in Hierarchical Multicore Computer Systems
Abstract Slides Video
4 P. Khanchandani, R. Wattenhofer, Concurrent Counting using ompare-and-Swap Registers Abstract Slides Video
5 V. Aksenov, P. Kuznetsov, Flat Parallelization Abstract Slides Video