SPb IFMO Training Center

ITMO University Training Center


Welcome to SPb ITMO University Training Center!

Current Training Sessions

Welcome to autumn training sessions!

Contests will be on Tuesdays and Saturdays, start at 17-00. Contests on Saturdays will be cancelled in case there is some interesting event like Open Cup round that weekend.

Join training center group for more information.

Students from ITMO University must register.

Students from other universities must also register or register team.

System Information

Testing system configuration is AMD Phenom II X4 955, 3.2GHz, 8G RAM.

Current Training

Problems for November 8, 2016. Please do not read problems before the contest starts.

Standings of today's contest.

Enter the testing system


Logins for all students. Use login "guest" and password "guest" if you want to watch the team contest standings and "guesp"/"guesp" if you want to watch the personal contest standings in client.

Students from other universities can register.

Please note that when the contest is not active, there is upsolving, you can submit problems from previous trainings.

You can also register team.

Other Stuff

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