Team Reference Documents at Northern Eurasia Finals

Team Reference Document Requirements

  • Each team can bring ONE printed copy of Team Reference Document (TRD).
  • TRD can contain up to 25 single-sided A4 pages of reference materials with page numbers in the top right corner and your university name with the sorted last names of the members of your team (e.g. ITMO University (Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov)) in the top left corner.
  • Text and illustrations must be readable by a person with a reasonable eyesight without magnification from a distance of 50 cm. It may not include any hand-written comments, corrections, inappropriate text and images (at the discretion of the jury).
  • TRD must be put in a transparent folder.

Team Reference Document Submission Procedure

  • You should bring your TRD to the team registration. TRD will not be accepted after that. Folder with your TRD will be accepted by registration volunteer, labeled with your team number, and stored securely in the TRD storage.
  • Your TRD will be checked by judges before the practice session.
  • If judges find issues with your TRD it will be delivered to your workstation with comments from judges before the practice session. You will have no more than one hour after the practice session end to resolve all the issues and return updated TRD back to the judges for the final check. You can do so by giving your updated copy of TRD to volunteers in the Assembly Hall.
  • Once your TRD is accepted, it will be provided at your workstation before the start of the Contest. You must not touch it before the start of the Contest.

How Should TRD Look Like